All about tape-in hair extensions

All About Tape-In Hair Extensions

Are you looking for a hair extension that is lightweight, easy to apply, virtually invisible and flat on the scalp? Then we got you covered!

One of the reasons why most hair enthusiasts opt for tape-in hair extensions is their lightweight structure and the simple fact that they are the least damaging for hair. This makes them a perfect choice for adding length or volume to hair on a more long-term basis.

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are those types of hair extensions that come with taped-in wefts. These wefts come with medical grade adhesive which are about 1 inch wide. The sticky part of the hair extension is covered by a paper sheet that can be peeled off like that of a sticky note or a sticker when you are ready to stick it onto your hair.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions come in different length textures and colours too. Another added benefit about these types of hair extensions is that you can cut them and customize them to the length you like and you can style them too.

Pros And Cons of Tape-in Hair Extensions:

Although this may be a popular choice among hair stylists and enthusiasts, tape-in hair extensions come with a few pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Tape-in hair extensions to be better informed about our choices.


The good news is,

  • They are a quick and easy way, second in line to clip-in hair extensions. These hair extensions (tape-ins), can add volume, length, texture and definition to your hair in no time. 
  • These hair extensions take less than an hour and can last anywhere between 3 to 4 months.  They are also a non-committed way of styling your hair and also one more reason why this is a popular choice among busy and working women.
  • Tape-in hair extensions are quite easy to manage and maintain. The beauty of these hair extensions is that you can heat style them like your natural hair.
  • You don't have to feel heavy anymore, no we’re not talking emotionally but aesthetically. Another popular reason why people go in for tape-in hair extensions is because of their lightweight structure. These hair extensions are light because they only hair with a stick patch to attach to your hair. 
  • Versatility at its best. With Tape-in hair extensions you can almost create any style, be it long or short, curly, wavey or even sleek smooth and straight. When it comes to updos or hair downs, you can work wonders with simple tape-in hair extensions.
  • These are the best things that have ever happened to people with hair thinning or balding. They hardly cause any damage to the natural hair and can be a quicker option for those who want a thicker and fuller look.
  • Lastly, they are the most natural-looking of them all. Since Gemeria uses 100% natural human hair in our hair extensions,  tape in hair extensions has become increasingly popular among those looking for permanent or semi-permanent hair thinning solutions.


The bad news is,

  • You would need to visit a salon to apply tape-in hair extensions the right way.
  •  if you do it wrong application removal or improper care can lead to hair damage and breakage or even inverse case scenarios you might have to cut off your natural hair too.
  • Tip in hair extensions requires regular visits to the salon for any kind of touch-up or even readjustment of the hair extension for that completely natural look.
  • There is a limit to how many times you can use your tape-in hair extensions. A classic set of tape-in hair extensions has a shorter lifespan compared to other hair extensions.
  • If you are tape-in hair extensions aren't installed correctly, you will face irritation and discomfort on your scalp. This is especially true when the adhesive is not strong enough and when the hair extensions could slip out from your natural hair.

How To Choose The Right Tape-In Hair Extensions

Choosing the right type of human hair extensions is imperative when you are looking for a subtle but impressive transformation. Thanks to tape-ins, you can achieve your desired look in less than 30 minutes and in complete secrecy. 

So, now that you know you want to give tape-ins a shot, let’s understand what goes into choosing the right kind of tape-in hair extensions. 

When choosing tape-ins for hair extensions, consider your lifestyle, especially if you're a working woman. Choose extensions that align with your professional look and understand your hair type. Lightweight extensions are ideal for fine hair, as they don't require extra adhesive. For thicker hair, more wefts are needed for a seamless blend and style.

When choosing hair extensions, choose a shape that matches your hair color and length. Most extensions are designed with natural human hair so that slight colour changes may occur. Balayage and ombre options can help blend the extensions with highlights or lowlights, making it easier to find the right range of colors.

Gemeria offers 100% Remy hair hair extensions, making it a one-stop shop for all hair needs. Synthetic hair extensions are budget-friendly but not as luxurious as Remy hair, prone to tangling, and limited heat styling. Adhesive quality in tape-in hair extensions should be medical grade and gentle on the scalp. Improper sticking methods or rough removal can damage natural hair and cause breakage. Consult a stylist, check adhesive, and avoid hash chemicals that can cause scalp irritation.

How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

Choosing a professional for tape in hair extensions is recommended as DIY can result in damaged hair. The procedure involves several key steps to ensure proper placement and prevent damage. The stylist will apply the tape and complete the procedure.

1. Getting the expert opinion and the preparation:

Before applying for hair extensions, consult a professional for a professional opinion on your desired look. Assess your hair type, length, texture, and overall health, and consult your stylist for the appropriate placement.

2. The Process: Hair Sectioning:

Your stylist will use a tooth comb to create clean, even sections of hair from the nape of the neck to the crown, creating horizontal sections for secure tape-ins without being visible through the natural hair.

3. Taping in the tape in hair extensions:

Hair is taken in thin sections and sandwiched between two wefts by a stylist. The gum or adhesive should not touch the scalp to avoid irritation and discomfort. The tape is then aligned straight and even to prevent miss-aligned extensions, discomfort, or spillage. This ensures the removal of extensions without difficulty.

4. Balance and Comfort Check:

After all of these extensions are attached to your hair your stylist will not check in for any kind of imbalance or this comfort. This also involves checking if you are extensions are distributed evenly throughout the areas and that there are no gaps or uneven areas.

5. Finishing touches and then styling:

Once all the hair extensions are secularly placed the stylist will now go into complete your entire look. This is where you can tell your hairstyle if you want to curl, straighten, and volume to blend in the hair extensions with your natural hair.  Now your stylist will also give you instructions on how you can take care of your tape in hair extension, hair increase your hair extension lifespan, and also how you can minimize damage to your natural hair.

How To Care For Tape-In Extensions To Ensure Longevity

Caring for your tape in hair extensions comprises a few simple but easy steps. With these steps, you can ensure minimal damage to your natural hair extensions and also retain the shine and texture in turn increasing the lifespan of your hair extensions.

  1. Remember never to go to bed with wet hair. Wet hair causes matting and also tangling which makes it very difficult for you to comb or brush your hair. These can also affect your tape in hair extensions.
  2. When you have tape in hair extensions remember never to brush from the roots of your hair. Always start from the mid-section of your hair and then work your way upwards. If you ever comb your hair right from the roots, especially with tape-ins on, there is a chance that you could probably rip the sticky section off and ruin the alignment of your hair extensions.
  3. When it comes to any readjustment of your hair extension remember never to do it on your own but to visit your hairstyle list and then get it fixed.  Fixing your hair extensions on your own might lead to misalignment and chances are you could probably rip your natural hair off along with the tape if it's not done correctly.
  4. Whenever you have tape-in hair extensions, wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to retain the shine and texture of your hair as well as your hair extension. Use a leave-in conditioner for extra shine and setting.
  5. When it comes to heat styling, never put your hair dryer on the highest heat setting and then set your hair. This can damage the tape on your hair extensions and it can also ruin the texture of your hair as well as your natural hair. Remember to minimise heat styling and use heat-protectant serums on your hair.

Removing Tape-In Hair Extensions

Removal of Tapan hair extensions involves using any kind of oil-based solutions to loosen the medical-grade adhesive from the hair. We have summarised the entire run down of how to remove tape and hair extensions here:

  1. The first and most important ingredient that you are going to need to remove your tape and hair extensions is a serum that contains 91% alcohol.
  2. With this serum, you can be sure to break the Glue bonds that were used to hold your tape-in hair extensions in place. One product from our side is to use this 91% isopropyl alcohol spray in a spray bottle to make sure that you get the complete 91% of it and not just maybe 70 or 60% of it on your hair.
  3. Next, you would need some kind of hair oil or serum along with a rat tail comb to completely remove the tape and hair extensions.
  4. It is completely natural to lose some strands of hair while you are doing this. It is also completely natural for you to have some kind of tension on your scalp while trying to remove the tapes from your hair. If you are finding it difficult to take out the tapes from your hair then try using the end of your tail comb to get in without pulling out too much of your hair and the tape.
  5. Once all your tape and hair extensions have come off gently run your brush throughout your hair and make sure that there are no tapes or any kind of residue left behind.
  6. This is where you will give your hair a good wash with some gentle shampoo so that you do not aggravate or irritate your scalp and cause any kind of itching or rash. Use a conditioner too, to smoothen your hair.
  7. Blow dry your hair on the lowest heat setting and make sure you use an anti-frizz serum to tone down the frizz.


On the contrary,  tape in hair extensions is a versatile and effective way to instantly add length, texture, volume, depth and definition to your hair.  This is one way to change your look without the commitment of a permanent transformation. With this blog, we hope that you are better informed about your choices when it comes to tape-in hair extensions.  always remember to let the professional handle crucial procedures like this to ensure a flawless and seamless look and minimal damage. 

Head over to Gemeria right now and pick your favourite tape and hair extensions!

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