5 Easy and Perfect Prom Hairstyles with Human Hair Extensions

5 Easy and Perfect Prom Hairstyles with Human Hair Extensions

Hello, my gorgeous prom queens! Are you ready to win this year’s PROM QUEEN or not? As your designated Fairy Hair Godmother for this prom night, Mama Gemeria is here to take you from meh to magnificent in a few seconds, faster than Cinderella! So what’s waiting?

It’s time we stop Regina George of your senior year from stealing the limelight and it is your chance now to shine brighter than the disco ball in the hall!

Prom hairstyles

Whether you’re sporting a simple up-and-down hairdo or an intricate bun, we have something much more exciting in store for you.

I mean, I know how important it is to land a date and then get him to go all gaga over you when he sees you walking down your front porch in that beautiful dress… But let Mama Gemeria Hair help you out with something more!

Here are the 5 top easy-peasy hairstyles you can do for this year’s prom night and for you to land your high school sweetheart!

5 Easy and Perfect Prom Hairstyles 

1. The Ariana Kinda High Pony!

The ariana kinda high pony

And this year’s Prom Queen is the one with the Gemeria Ponytail Hair extensions!

It’s true, we have seen it happen before. As glamorous as it could get, it’s not as hard as you think it is to try out these ponytail hair extensions.

Available in shades of browns, blacks and death black. All you have to do is pick your choice, wrap it around your natural ponytail and attach the extension to it.

Once you do this, try putting a giant bow on the intersection of the ponytail. Or even better, attach golden cable chain necklaces in an ascending order onto the ponytail to the end of the ponytail hair extension.

A Gemeria Pro Tip:

  • Try to straighten your Ponytail hair extension to a sleek straight ponytail and then attach the cable change onto it in an ascending order. This way it could give you a much more sleeker and glamorous finish.
  • Don't forget to spray some stronghold hairspray onto the ponytail.
  • Also, try to use some clear mascara and comb the hair right above the forehead region to cover up any of the baby hair sticking out.

2. Braid It Up!

Fishtail braid hairstyles

Sometimes a simple hairstyle like a fishtail braid or even a double-knotted braid goes a long way!

This is one particular look that excludes a certain kind of charm as well as sophistication. For those who love a little bit of detail to their hairstyle and some kind of entry this simple hairstyle may look elaborate but it is quite easy to type in a few seconds.

For this look, you could use a set of clip-in hair extensions that are of three sets.

Follow this video here to learn more about how to attach a three-set clip-in hair extension:

Once you have attached your clip-in hair extension, start by:

  • Breeding your  hair from the crown of your head.
  • Now this can be a French braid, a Dutch braid or even a simple fishtail braid.
  • After you have done the entire braid you will now attach rind stone bobby pins on the cross sections of your braid.
  • Splash some of that hair spray and now you are good to go. 

3. The One With The Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves

This is a timeless hairstyle that will make you feel like you jump straight out of Retro a Vintage movie!

Say hello to Hollywood waves, a timeless old-fashioned hairstyle that will make you the perfect choice for this year from Prom Queen!

To get this look you could either go for a half-head wig that is curly or you could go for a 7-set clip-in hair extension volumizer.

Watch these videos to learn how you can attach your half-head wig or your clip-in hair extension in the comfort of your home.

Now that you have attached your clip-in hair extension in this case, you will start by:

  • Taking a deep section of your hair from the opposite side of your regular partitioning.
  • Once you do this you will take the largest section of your hair and give it a little puff and pin it up.
  • Put it in a stain place and use the strong hold hair spray on this puff.
  • Next you are going to use your thumbs and the section of your hair written above the tips of your year and tighten it up into a knot so that this does not interfere with the lower section of your hair that you are about to style.

With the help of a barrel curling iron you will start making coins or waves. do not brush them just yet let them stay curled up until you're done curling the entire head. This is where you will now release the top section that you had earlier knotted up and curl it the same way.

Give your hair a light brush after you are done culling the entire head. Now remember that Little World that we had made right above the forehead? This is where we are going to use the curling iron and roll it towards your face and be sure not to burn your forehead.

Use the sectioning hair clip and keep this particular curl curled up. Splash some of that strong-hold hair spray and gently release this curl.

Take this particular lock of hair that you just curled and pin it right behind your ear with a small or thin Bobby pin.

With that, you are ready for your Prom Night in a classic vintage look.

4. The Curly Gurly!

Curly hairstyles

Now this particular hairstyle is definitely going to turn heads as you enter the hall!

No need to curl your natural hair with a steaming hot curling iron or a chopstick iron, no you have to spend our time together in a salon getting Jerry curls or even kinky curls, Only for one Splash of punch to ruin it all.

Just get the longest and the thickest Gemeria Deep curly half-head wig and follow this hairstyle that we tried not so long ago!

Now put on your boyfriend's corsage and get going!

5. The Classic Chignon Bun Updo

Classic chignon bun updo

We saved the best for the last and trust us when we save this this is another timeless hairstyle. This is easy to style and will not fall off when you are dancing.

But wait how about we replace the Chignon Bun and get you something much better like a Faux bun?

Buns are the easiest to style and one of the most flattering hairstyles one could try. If you want an edgy look, try a messy bun. Got a business meeting to attend, so go for a completely slick back bun!

You see it that easy…

But when it comes to Gemeri’s faux bun extensions, you can style them however you want.

For this look, we are going to make this side bun with flowers of your choice attached to it.

We will start by time a low ponytail on the side that you prefer. Next, you are going to tease this ponytail with a fine tooth comb just to add more volume to it. After that, we are going to twist tiny locks of your hair and security into the intersection of your ponytail and the remaining of your hair. Once you have done the entire twist and pin method, you will now attach the GEMERIA FAUX BUN onto this roughed-up bun.

And for the final touch, you could either use a floral clip or a floral pin and stick it into the heart of the bun. And that's it!


Whether you style your hair into Braids, curls or even Big bouffant updos, Gemeria Hair human hair extensions have always got your back, and your head, in this case!

Remember, darling, prom is just the beginning of your glamorous journey. So go ahead, embrace your inner prom queen and let your hair shine as brightly as you do.