Rosemary oil hair care benefits

Hair Care Essentials: Benefits of Using Rosemary Oil

Hair Care is a routine and an integral part of feeling good about your hair and caring for it correctly. If you are somebody who loves experimenting with human hair extensions, but experience pain after taking them off, then my friend, this blog is just for you.

From natural remedies to hair extensions after we have put this entire guide specifically for those women who are active users of hair extensions. 

So sit back, and get your rosemary oil and let's get reading!

Rosemary oil

Many times when it comes to caring for our natural hair, we often undermine the power of natural solutions and how our hair can benefit from it. Instead, we go online and try to find conditioners, shampoos, serums, and whatnot to fix our hair fall or hair thinning issues…We do all of this without even realising that we are not bettering the health of our hair but instead giving our poor hair a chemical wash.

But today, we have something in store for you that will help you care for your hair better after you take off your hair extensions. 

There are plenty of hair extension aftercare products in the market, but nothing beats natural remedies for better hair health. This time, in our hair extension chronicles, we bring you the true goodness of using Rosemary oil to nourish your hair and your hair extensions too.


Hair Extensions And Hair Loss - A Never Ending Saga. 

Experimenting with our natural hair is all fun and games until you run your fingers through your hair and there is an entire bunch of hair falling out. Hair extensions are no strangers to causing damage to natural hair if not applied properly. However, the damage is quite minimal and manageable. You can prevent this damage if you know the dos and don'ts of hair extensions while wearing them.

In comparison, hair extensions cause relatively less damage to your hair in comparison to colouring your hair or even trying out stressful hairstyles which involve tight braiding, crimping and so many more.

Simple hair loss or even scalp irritation caused by excessive use of hair extensions or improper use can be solved with one simple natural hair care remedy – Rosemary Oil!

Rosemary Oil and All The Benefits

This particular oil has quite the reputation as a hair growth stimulant and trust us when we save this is not an old wive's tale. There is enough and more scientific evidence as well as research to back up the fact that this particular oil has several properties that can boost hair growth and scalp health. 

Let's look at the benefits of using Rosemary oil for hair health:

1. Hair Loss Reduction And Prevention:

Hair loss

A study conducted in 2015 shows that Rosemary oil paid with minoxidil which is an active ingredient in Rogaine, proved to be an effective way to treat alopecia. Rosemary contains carnosic acid which is basically an active compound that helps in the healing of tissues and nerve damage.

These are some of the reasons why Rosemary oil comes out as a promising and perfect solution for hair loss and balding patterns.

2. Increased Circulation

Hair growth

Pair this with your regular champpi and see how your hair will thank you later. It is said that Rosemary oil is known to have a similar effect to peppermint oil when you use it to massage the scalp.

It helps increase the blood flow to hair follicles which in turn promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss on a visible level. Rosemary oil is also known to be gentle on the scalp and on the skin. It also contains a good amount of antioxidants that strengthen your hair and prevent it from becoming brittle or weak and ultimately prone to damage.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Itchy scalps

People suffering from dry and itchy scalps can benefit the most from Rosemary oil. It is rich in anti-microbial properties and can also help in elevating discomfort and soothing the scalp making it less prone to itchiness or dryness. However,  if you continue to have severe dandruff issues or even bacterial infections on your head especially on the scalp and on the hair it's always best to consult a Health Care professional before adopting natural methods to solve the issue.

How To Make Rosemary Oil For Hair At Home

There are quite of few brands on the Internet that showcase a very luxurious and premium range of Rosemary oils being extracted in elaborate ways and then packaged in sent to you.

But we tell you this in all honesty, don't fall for it.

It is quite easy to make Rosemary oil especially from the comfort of your home.

Let's show you how you can make your DIY  Rosemary concentrated oil at home:


  • 100 grams of Rosemary Sprigs
  • 1 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • ¼ Cup of Castor Oil
  • ¼ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Large Pot
  • A bottle


  1. First, you are going to heat the coconut, castor, and olive oils together in a large skillet or a pot.
  2. Once you start seeing tiny little bubbles in the oil, this is where you will go ahead and add the Rosemary Springs and leave them to fry.
  3. Make sure that you do not burn the Rosemary springs in the oil.
  4. Keep them frying in the oil for 15 minutes and regularly store them to prevent them from burning.
  5. While you do this make sure you do not add any water to this accidentally.
  6. Let it cool and let the Rosemary remain in the bowl for it to Infuse with the oil.
  7. Once the oil has cold down transfer it to a glass bottle or a jar and store it in a cool and dry place.
  8.  Whenever you want to use this oil on your hair,  take about 3 to 4 tablespoons into a tiny microwave-friendly bowl and heat it for 30 seconds. Let it cool a bit and while it is still warm take some in your palm, and rub it well before you apply it on to your hair and your scalp.

And just like that, you have made your very own Rosemary-infused hair oil that is free of any sort of chemicals preservatives or harsh alcohols to nourish your hair.

Things You Must Know Before Using Rosemary Oil On Your Hair

While this Mediterranean herb is known to come with a host of benefits in terms of health, taste, medicinal properties etc;  it does come with a lot of precautions also. 

They do have a few Side Effects but they are in as fatal as using Chemicals and other types of unnatural products on your hair.

Rosemary oil is a very highly concentrated oil and using too much of this oil can result in damage to the hair follicles and intern causing hair loss instead of hair growth. This is one of the reasons why we believe in less is more. 

Anyone who has a chronic skin condition or even a certain type of hair issue must be very careful while working with essential oils. This is purely because they are 100% natural and so there might be a few elements within these natural oils that might not agree with your skin or with your scalp.

This can cause severe irritation to your skin and itchiness to the scalp or even was it could also damage the skin.

Unfortunately, essential oils like Rosemary and castor oils are not under the FDA monitor so understanding the quality of these essential oils is very important before you adopt them into your hair care or skin regime.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start using concentrated Rosemary oil on your hair or your skin even if you are  using them on your hair extensions:
  • Remember to always dilute Rosemary oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or even olive oil. This way you can limit the amount of irritation or the damage it could potentially e cost to your hair follicles.
  • Beware of allergies and sensitivities.  always conduct a patch test on your forearm with a small amount of Rosemary oil to see if there is any sort of irritation on the skin or any kind of redness that manifests. This way you are better informed and you are much more sure of using Rosemary oil for anything.
  • Since the FDA does not regulate essential oils and this is made with 100% natural ingredients it can be good but it can be fatal too. Before you go in and buy Rose Mary oil over the counter from your neighbourhood drug store,  make sure it is from a reputed brand or a known source.
  • In our opinion, it is always good to go the 100% natural way for anything. The recipe for this hair growth oil is very simple making it at home even more simpler. This Way You Are limiting the interference of any kind of preservatives or unknown ingredients or even Chemicals into the oils and you are sure of using it the right way.
  • Last but not least if you are going through severe hair loss problems and if you are undergoing treatments which include minoxidil or any other chemical it is always good to check with your doctor before adding Rosemary oil to your hair care routine. It is always good to get a professional opinion when you are trying to mix anything new with existing medications.

Hair Extension Aftercare and Rosemary Oil.

Hair extensions care

The mantra to your hair care and maintenance after you take off your clip-in hair extensions is very simple; a thorough massage with some Rosemary oil is all you need to improve your scalp and your hair health.

Always remember to take off your hair extensions gently and give your hair a gentle brush to increase a little bit of blood circulation. Following this take a little bit of the concentrated Rosemary oil and mix it with a carrier oil like castor oil or even coconut oil and he did in your microwave for about 30 seconds. 

  • Make sure that the oil is not too hot or else you will burn your scalp as well as your hand.
  • Be sure to rub the oil between your palms and gently massage your scalp and your hair.
  • Do not be too rough while massaging your head or running your fingers through your hair aggressively this can lose your roots and increase your hair fall.
  • Remember to leave this oil on your hair and your scalp for about 30 to 40 minutes for your hair to soak in all the nourishment it needs. After which you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo and deep condition it.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is never wash your hair with piping hot water this can ruin your scalp health and your hair and in worst-case scenarios, it can also lead to immense hair fall.
  • Air dry your hair for a bit and give it a gentle blow dry on the lowest heat setting.  this way you are not shocking your hair into drying fast and it continues to retain moisture and the goodness of the Rosemary oil on your hair.

Guess what? You can adopt the same Regime for your hair extension’s good health. Thank us later!


On the contrary, we can all admit that the Rose Mary oil invention is just a blessing for people with severe hair problems and thinning. This particular oil is a powerhouse of nutrients which are essential for hair care routines.

Whether you are looking to beat hair loss better your scalp help or simply just add more Shine and texture; Rosemary oils are a good buy and worth exploring. 

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