Mastering Weft Hair Extensions: A Guide to Do's and Don'ts

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Hey there Gems of Gemeria!

It is now time to up your mane game to a whole new level! 

Introducing to you a blog on another ‘mane’ topic, that’s of absolute importance to us: hair and the art of mastering weft hair extensions! 

But wait, we are not just going to put up some facts together all for the sake of talking about wefts and extensions, instead, we are spilling the tea on the must-know care tips, straight outta Gemeria’s secret book for hair care. Looking bold and having a really strong hair game is not about just slapping on some strands and calling it a day.

We are diving in deep baby! We are taking a cruise into the world of hair-weft perfection! From care tips to the latest goss about what’s on and off the shelves; we got it all for you right here in this blog! need to keep those extensions looking flawless 24/7.

We are going to look at how we can keep those locks looking fresh and fierce, all day all along! 

Let’s now release our inner hair goddess, cause why not!

Here we go!

What are Weft Hair Extensions?


These are, in their most basic form; are a few strands of human hair or synthetic hair collected and then sewn together onto a fine or thin cloth strip which almost resembles the scalp of your head. This is then placed on your head and applied by a stylist.

The hair attachment pattern on every hair weft varies. Some are machine-sewn while the others are done by hand. 

While the importance of a natural look is imperative, one of the main reasons our Gemeria family of customers prefer this is because they literally last longer than a Bumble date! Just kidding… But no jokes… they really last longer than any other option, almost 3-7 months when you take good care of them. A bonus and the secret to their longevity is using Human hair in the hair extensions.

But before we go any further let's understand the difference between the two terms wefts and weaves.

The Difference Between a Hair Weft And A Weave

Many times, people who are trying out something like extensions with their hair get confused between Hair Wefts and Hair weaves. Wefts Are mainly hair extensions while weeds are a method that is used to attach the weft to the real hair. In the industry of hair extensions and accessories, weft and weave are used interchangeably.

The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Weft Hair Extensions

3 reasons why they are considered the best type of hair extensions and why they are popular:

  • Long-lasting 
  • Non-damaging
  • Absolutely easy to install and remove

Although you may need a professional hair stylist for an attachment like this,  trust us when we say this, hair wefts are a blessing in disguise and are the perfect investment for your looks!

As one of the most prominent figures in the hair extension industry, we at Gemeria,  would like to clear as many misunderstandings and misconceptions about weft hair extensions. So we decided to put together all the do’s and don'ts about hair weft.

Do’s of Weft hair extensions

1. DO get an expert consultation before getting weft hair extensions:


Always remember to take professional advice when it comes to weft hair extensions. You can always reach out to us for a consultation and professional advice on hair extensions and how you must pick them. 

The reason why we urge you to talk to a professional or a stylist or even reach out to us is to help you pick the right kind of weft hair extensions that is perfect for your hair type and that will go absolutely well with your lifestyle and your routine.  this is also because when you consult with a professional or hairstyleist you will also get an idea of how you can take care of your new hair.

2. DO follow a good maintenance routine to get the most out of your extension and to also increase its lifespan:


One important thing about hair extensions is that, especially, when they are human hair extensions,  you have to treat them like your natural hair on your head. This means it requires regular washing conditioning and utmost care. You have to refrain from using sulphate-rich products and products that carry parabens or alcohols that tend to strip away the Shine,  texture and overall look of the hair.

3. DO Brush brush and brush more,  but gently, cautiously and carefully:


When you have extensions on remember to always gently brush your hair with a soft bristle brush starting from the ends of your hair and then working your way up to the roots. You can also brush between the wefts of your hair to avoid any kind of mapping or tangling.  Remember to avoid pulling or tugging on to the extensions as this can either damage them or break them if you go too hard.

4. DO Blow dry your hair:  


It is always a good idea to completely dry your hair with her hair dryer and put it into a loose braid or a bun before going to bed. Also, remember not to go to bed with hair or with wet hair extensions.

5. DO Use heat-protecting sprays on your hair extensions or Weft Hair Extensions:


If you work in an industry where you always have to switch up your hairstyles or work with a lot of heat styling tools then using a heat-protectant spray on your hair and your human hair extensions is very important. These help protect the hair from any kind of heat damage and breakage.

Don'ts of Weft Hair Extensions

1. DON’T Be A DIY Diva:

Girl, stop trying to do everything by yourself! While DIY  kits are always available on the internet with detailed instructions on how to fit your weft hair extensions, honey,  it is never recommended by any stylist in any Salon in any part of the world to try and apply these on your own. The reason why we don't go all DIY  on your hair is because this would damage your natural hair and make it look less than desirable and above all a big mess. Trust the professionals and let them do their job.

2. DON’T Add proteins keratin or amino acids to your shampoo and your extensions:  

proteins belong in your shake and not on your hair extensions.  if anything you can also give them to your natural hair on your head but never to your hair extensions.  These ingredients might be perfect for natural hair because they help it grow and everything else but when they are applied on your Weft hair extensions They can cause a lot of build-up leading to mating and tangling of your hair extensions. Kiss your Harsh hair products Goodbye and throw those sulphate,  alcohol and silicon-laden shampoos into the bin! We are going in for #healthyhairgoals and not nightmares!

3. DON’T Forget to meet your stylist or parlour aunty every 6 to 8 weeks:

It always good to meet your hairstyle is who helps you with your extensions to get a regular touch-up between these weeks the reason is because if you don't it can cause damage your natural hair. 

4. DON’T douse Your hair with sunscreens and tacky UV protection sprays:

It’s the hair police! Put down the tube of sunscreen and the spray and step away slowly!  Too much of this product can stay in your extensions and turn them into a pinky and brassy mess. Now who wants to look like a demented cotton candy on a stick right? Sunscreen lotions for hair that contain Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene, Are the main reasons why your hair goes from magnificent to meh. So stay good!

5. DON’T Rush The Beat work or the process:

Come on girl! You waited 9 months to be born it's a matter of 90 minutes to get new hair. Be patient installing hair extensions or even weft extensions must never be rushed. Speeding up the process in a hurry can compromise not just the appearance but also the health of your scalp. 


In conclusion, Mastering weft hair extensions requires a thorough understanding of your scalp health and the amount of tension you exert on it. By simply following these dos and don'ts, you can assure yourself or your client that they not only have fabulous, head-turning stylish and new looks but also that they have a comfortable and healthy scalp through such a strenuous process.

And that's it they you go, Gems of Gemeria-  the ultimate guide to mastering hair extensions and weft hair like a boss! 

So have we channeled our inner glam goddess yet? We thought so!

You go, gurl! 😘