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DIY Range Of 100% Natural Hair Extensions

Discover the freedom of self-expression with Gemerias best hair extension. Our natural hair extensions are really easy to use and maintain. Our extensions ensure a natural look for any occasion.


Gemeria Hair Professionals Range

You can explore our color hair extensions as we have a huge range of high quality human hair extensions and Expert professionals. This will help you elevate your salon services with our premium products.


The virgin hair extensions are basically sourced from a single donor. It ensures that the hair you get is unprocessed natural of the best quality. All you can experience is luxurious untreated strands for a flawless finish

The major difference between virgin and non virgin hair is that the virgin hair is untreated preserving the natural texture and integrity at the same time non virgin hair undergoes a lot of processing. No doubt both the hair types are excellent but virgin hair offers you an untouched tender authentic allure

Depending on what you are actually choosing besides the hair extensions for you. For example if you're looking for a natural look then virgin hair is your best bet. Other types of hair extensions offer your versatility. You can connect with our team of experts to get customized recommendations for your hair type.

The lifespan will depend on how you take care of the extensions. Generally, our hair extensions can last for one year or even more depending on how you take care of it. To enhance the longevity of the hair extensions you can follow our guide.

We offer a huge range of extensions with various price points. The cost depends on the length of the extension you want and the quality of the extensions. To get the right extensions as per your budget you can explore our collection.

There are different types of extensions available with us like clip in virgin and others. Depending on your style preferences and budget you can choose a customized extension for a flawless look.

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