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Curly Clip-In Bangs

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Color:Jet/Dark Black

Please note: Our order processing is 1 -2 weeks for Curly Clip-In Bangs, please keep that in mind while placing the order.

A curly girl win! Introducing our gorgeous Curly Clip-In Bangs that will make your curly hair look oh-so-fabulous in a matter of seconds. These are designed for both people with naturally curly hair and also for people who perm/curl their hair through external methods. 

Curly hair has its way of accentuating your delicate beauty and we are here for those looks!

  • 100% real human hair
  • Standard/light-medium density
  • Can be re-colored, except dark/jet black
  • Heat resistant
  • Although we try to maintain a standard length that will suit every forehead, still if you feel too long then you can cut the ends as well, but be careful!
  • Try to do a middle parting for a more natural look!
  • Match the color with your roots
  • Frequent wash isn't needed

Disclaimer: Bangs shape can get disturbed, and might not look the same as model pictures. It is advisable to set the bangs as shown in our videos and product color may vary due to the lights at the time of the photoshoot or your screen/monitor display.

Best Curly Clip in Bangs in USA,UK and Dubai 

With the Curly Clip in Bangs, these bangs are very easy to attach and also easy to remove. Along with that, the blending goes well with the natural curls. You can choose different types of styles for mood and occasion. Curly clip in bangs are great for curly style. 

Installing a curly clip in bangs - Guide

To install the curly clip in bangs, follow these steps: 

  • Choose the bangs that directly match your curl pattern and hair color from Gemeria. 
  • Start with washing your hair, conditioning it, and drying it up, detangle the curls, and moisturise the curls and with the leave-in products. 
  • Section off the hair exactly where you want to set the bangs. Then clip in your hair. 
  • Then attach these Curly clip in bangs at your hair roots using the clips. Make sure that they are attached securely to your hair.
  • Blend the curly bangs clip in seamlessly with your natural hair. You can adjust it using the diffuser or curling iron. 

Tips for Maintaining Curly Clip-in Bang

For maintaining the curly clip in bangs follow these tips: 

  • During washing only use mild products like Mild shampoo along with the conditioner. Always air dry when drying it else use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to dry the hair. 
  • Store this in a place that’s dry and cool. Also, store it away from the direct sunlight. 
  • Always brush the clip[-in bangs less as this can cause it to directly frizz and can also damage it. 
  • Remove the bangs before you go to sleep, swim, or even shower. 


1. How long do curly clip-in bangs last?
With great care and maintenance, the curly bangs clip-in will last for a long time. Just gently wash them with mild shampoo and store them in a dry place and away from sunlight and avoid excess heat styling.
2. Can I wear curly clip-in bangs everyday?

The Curly clip-in bangs can be worn everyday as long the user feels comfortable and it’s well secured on the head. You can also change the style and color of the bangs and in the international market curly hair is trend which never goes out of fashion.

3. Can I use hair products on curly clip-in bangs?
Yes, you can use hair products like hairspray or curl-enhancing products, etc. to keep them bouncy and shiny but avoid using products that are made from harsh chemicals or alcohol or silicone as they can deteriorate the bangs over time.
4. Where can I find the best curly clip-in bangs in the US?
With you will find the best and highest quality curly bangs clip-in at Gemeria Hair. We provide the most authentic real human hair sourced from the most auspicious source.
5.Where can I find the best curly clip-in bangs in Dubai?

At Gemeria Hair, you will get the greatest and highest quality curly bangs clip-in. We provide the most genuine real human hair derived from the most trusted source.

6. How do I attach a curly bang clip in?
  • Part the hair from the center and then clip in the rest of your hair.
  • Make sure that the clips are fully secured and you will be comfortable with it. Align the bangs with your hairline as well.
  • Then blend bangs accordingly to give it style. You can also use a curling iron or diffuser to style the hair.
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    Taylor Lake (United States)
    It’s not bad!

    A little thinner than I would like/than it seemed but very sturdy and nice quality. Would buy again!

    shelly (India)
    Hair bangs

    Hair quality is good n am quite happy with my purchase