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Halo hair extensions with side patches Halo hair extensions
HaloHair Extensions
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1. What are halo hair extensions?
Halo hair extensions are one of the common types of hair extensions that are attached to a thin, clear white is kept on the top of the head just like a halo together with the hair falling on either side.
2. How long do Gemeria hair halo hair extensions last?

Generally the lifespan of the halo hair extensions lies on various factors such as maintenance and frequency of use. They can be used for several months with proper care.

3. Can Gemeria halo hair extensions?
The answer is yes they are specially designed to give you a natural look when they are properly applied.
4. Can I wear halo extensions everyday?
Yes, you can wear halo hair extensions but it is advisable to give your natural hair occasion breaks to avoid damage from regular usage.
5.Can halo hair extensions damage our natural hair?

No, if they are properly installed and maintained then are considered as a gentle option. That cannot cause any kind of damage to your natural hairs.

6.How can I hide halo hair extension wire?

If you want to hide your hair extensions wire then it is advisable to ensure a position. Position it down on your head and cover it with your own hair.

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