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Curly hair clip-in bun Curly hair clip-in bun
Clip-In Faux Bun | Curly Hair Bun
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4 colors available

Faux scrunchie bun before applying faux scrunchie bun
Faux Scrunchie Bun
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6 colors available

salt-pepper-grey-faux-scrunchie-bun frozen-white-faux-scrunchie-bun
Salt & Pepper - Grey | Faux Scrunchie Bun
Sale price$45.00 USD

3 colors available

Ditch the struggle, Bun in Style | Unleash your glam with Gemeria faux hair buns

The true game changer, you got this time. Just ditch those messy knots and weak ponytails and get the Faux Hair Buns From Gemeria. These are Real Hair Buns that are made from the hair sourced out of the Temples of South India. These buns are just Glam! Just wear these human hair buns Instantly. Just bid goodbye to your lifeless buns and jump on the bandwagon of Gemeria’s Faux Hair Buns Now! The Bun revolution is here.. Shop Now!


What is a faux hair bun?
The Faux hair Bun is a hair accessory that can give your hair bun more volume and even you can style it through a Faux hair bun. These Faux Hair Buns are easy to put on and remove and can be worn anytime. Plus they are made from 100% natural human hair.
How do I install a faux hair bun?

Just start by making a bun out of your natural hair. Take the Faux hair buns and tie them on your natural bun. Secure the faux hair buns using clips or bands and you’re done. As simple as it can be.

What is a Gemeria hair bun made of?
The Hair Bun is made from 100% real Human Hair sourced from the most auspicious Temples in the South Part of India. These hairs are then treated and made into hair Bun. Gemeria uses the highest levels of quality control measures so that the highest quality products reach your doorstep.
Can I wear a hair bun every day?

Yes! Go for it. You can wear these buns every day. They are easy to install and remove. Plus you can wear them the whole day without any discomfort. These buddies will feel just like your natural hair after you are wearing them.

How long does Gemeria's human faux hair bun last?

The Faux hair Buns can last for a long time. The real deal depends upon the proper maintenance of these Buns. Care for them and maintain them well and these can last for a long time.

Is faux hair bun washable?

Yes, Gemeria’s Hair Buns are washable. Just be aware to wash them occasionally and use Mild shampoos and conditioners free from any type of Harsh Chemicals and Parabens and natural drying them. Through these methods they can last for a long time.

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