The Benefits of Choosing Raw Indian Hair Extensions. Why Invest in It.

The Benefits of Choosing Raw Indian Hair Extensions. Why Invest in It.

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Hair extensions have been popular for a few years, and the trend may continue. Extensions are more popular than ever, and organizations that frequently give clients a hair extension but have never done so before, you want to be sure you obtain a high-quality product worth the money you spend. You should consider getting Indian hair extensions if you want something good.


Why Choose Raw Hair?

People may not know what it means when they hear the phrase "raw Indian hair." Raw hair is hair that has not been treated with chemicals or changed in any other manner. Bleach or chemicals used in a perm or other hair treatments have not changed how the hair is made. Before the hair is trimmed for the extensions, you receive a cuticle layer that flows in the right direction, down. This hair gives you more volume, feels silkier, and does not tangle or mat, so it lasts longer.

When bought from reputable and trustworthy sellers, hair extensions, including lace frontals, will last a lifetime and be durable.

Let us discuss what it means for hair extensions to be "raw" or "virgin." Raw human hair extensions comprise natural hair that comes straight from the donor. These locks have not been touched with chemicals or colored in any manner. These are hair that haven't changed at all since they were cut from the donor. The hair could be easily styled or trimmed in any style or manner you want.

1. Very Versatile Hair


Today, many women select Indian hair since it can be worn in many ways. You may wear the extension straight if your hair seems long and straight. The hair is also easy to curl, so you may obtain a curly appearance that you may not have been able to do previously. You want to be able to style your hair however you like, which makes Indian hair a lot better choice than some of the other alternatives you can buy in stores today. 

Indian hair is also thicker and has more body, which gives your hair more volume. You may style raw Indian hair extensions like your natural hair since they are flexible. You may straighten, curl, or even color them to make them look how you desire. Because of this, people who wish to change their hairstyles frequently choose to wear them. In addition, since they are made from natural hair, they look natural and blend beautifully with your hair.

 2. Easy to Maintain


Raw Indian hair extensions require less maintenance than other hair extensions. Since they are made from actual hair, you do not have to do anything more to take care of them. You can wash and style them like your own hair, so they are simple to care for. However, it is important to remember that if you want them to last as long as possible, you still have to take care of them. Sometimes we can be very busy, either career wise, mothering, or in any other field. Therefore, they will sometimes need to be easy to maintain and sustainable. For this reason, Indian hair extensions becomes a savior. Being easy to maintain you will not spend much time styling it like other extensions.

3. Beautiful Black Shade

Raw Indian hair extensions come in stunning black colors and have much bounce—women who want extensions in the deepest black color like this hairstyle. Raw Indian hair is flexible, lasts long, and looks beautiful. If your original hair color is black, you should get raw Indian hair extensions. In addition, they are easy to paint in whatever color you like.

4. Cuticles intact

The cuticles are still on the raw Indian hair extensions, which makes them stronger. These soft and lustrous extensions make your hair seem the most natural. In addition, they are less likely to become tangled and have a natural shine. People think Indians are the most incredible people to get raw human hair extensions from. The natural pattern of these extensions makes them perfect for whatever style you want to try. If you want your hair to be curly, straight, wavy, or kinky, you can always count on real Indian hair. It is always good for you.

Here are some more reasons why it is a good idea to get raw human hair extensions from Gemeria:

5. Unprocessed and Chemical-Free

Gemeria's raw human hair extensions are 100% natural and have not been processed with chemicals. When a customer wants an extreme texture, a safe 3-steam procedure is employed to make it happen. This safe steam method prevents the cuticles from being hurt. We also take care to make the packages look nice. Every stage of the three-head machine weft process is done with the utmost care, and the machines and high-quality thread are set up in a way that ensures accuracy.

6. Quality that Lasts Forever

The most popular hair extensions worldwide are made from raw human hair. Pure virgin Indian hair is arguably the most durable and versatile hair extension. Other types, such as Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, and Cambodian hair, definitely cannot compare.

Gemeria ensures that all our wigs, frontals, front lace wigs, lace closures, clip-ons, and tape-ins are the best they can be by employing excellent tools and skilled workers. Raw Indian hair may be colored any hue, steamed, conditioned, and taken care of to stay silky and natural.

When you have hair extensions, it is always easy to seem stylish and on-trend. If you like how celebrities wear their hair and want to look like them, you should try hair extensions.

These extensions, which come in different textures, colors, lengths, and styles, give you the desired beautiful appearance.

Where to Get Your Extensions

If you want to know where to purchase the high-quality raw Indian hair you need for your extensions, Gemeria is the place to go. We provide high-quality wigs and extensions with the most fabulous hair available, so you receive the best. When you visit our website, you can view some of our hair in stock. This way, you can discover the hair you like and order online to receive the gorgeous style you want for your extensions.

Before getting raw hair extensions, here are things to think about


You should have a plan for how much you can spend on the raw fresh hair extensions you want to buy. Try to spend only what you can afford. Even though raw hair extensions are pricey, do not choose one that will cost you almost all your money.


Do you like having long hair? Then you should think about getting a long growth of raw hair. Some like theirs to be short. You should buy extensions with the length of hair you want.


You should also think about the color of a raw hair addition. Do you like dark or light colors? This will help you decide whether or not to buy something.


Do you want to make up for your thin hair with hair extensions? Then, you should buy raw, fresh hair extensions with a lot of thickness or density.


Before buying hair extensions, you should consider how you would use them. You should get easy extensions for a hair stylist to put in. It needs to be simple to use.


There are many people who are selling raw Indian hair extensions, but you will have to check to see which brand  is giving you the best quality. The quality of raw Indian hair can decrease if the source is not good, the processing techniques are not good, or other factors like cuticle alignment, craftsmanship, and synthetic blends used also affect the quality.


How do you like the look of your unprocessed hair extension? Do you like it straight, or do you like it curly or with waves? This is something you should think about before getting raw hair extensions.


If you want your hair extensions to look real and natural, you must see if they suit your real hair or not. Does the hair texture, length, and color match your hair or not. You should also check if it suits your facial structure or not; otherwise, it may not give you the desired, beautiful look you are aiming for.

Hair maintenance

You will need to take care of your human hair extensions if you want them to stay shiny and beautiful. You must get a suitable hair care kit for your raw hair extensions to last a long time. You can get a new look by going to your hairstylist.

Raw hair vendors

Before getting any raw Indian hair extensions, you need to think about this. It is best to buy from a trusted brand with a good name. You can check if they are real by looking for customer reviews on their page. Do not forget that the hair you get from raw hair sellers will affect how long-lasting your raw virgin hair extension will be.

If your hair extensions are not mixed up quickly, you know they are good quality. This makes it easy to tame the hair and make it smooth and soft. If you want an alternative, fresh human hair extensions are also a great choice because they are made of healthy hair. 

When you wear Indian hair extensions, you can always look and feel your best, whether you are getting dressed up for a special event or want to change your makeup every day. Before you buy hair extensions for yourself, it is helpful to know how much they cost, how long they last, and what kinds are the best.


So far, you must have known many of the benefits that raw Indian hair extensions give you. From beauty and comfort, to versatility, ease of maintenance, safety, and longevity; everything demonstrates why  raw Indian hair extensions are winning over the hearts of hundreds of women all around the globe.

So go ahead and get yourself some Indian hair extensions that would give you your lost confidence back. And you can easily find quality hair extensions at Gemeria Hair.