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How do I choose the color of a human hair lace wig?

Do you want a great wig? They are the most versatile enhancements for your hair these days. They provide a look that is true to natural hair and yet provide a flawless look that is more effective than other types of hair accessories.

These hair wigs are also very effective for people who have hair loss problems, or hair thinning problems. Whether you choose colored human hair or simple wigs, these wigs provide proper coverage and also can be used, if you want to change your style. 

Things to consider when you choose the color of a human hair lace wig 

There should be some major factors that you should consider when you start thinking of different hair lace wigs. The things you need to think about are your wig preferences. These preferences include whether the wig is matching to your skin tone. Also, if the wig color is matching to your eye color, do you like that wig?

To help solve all your queries, here is a detailed guide to help you understand it: 

  • Does human hair lace wig match my skin tone

Firstly, identify your skin tone. Whether it’s neutral, cool, or warm Different skin tones work with different colors. For instance, the cool skin tone works with blue, violet, or pink undertones, while the warm skin tone works with golden, peach, or yellow undertones.

On the other hand, if you have a neutral skin tone, the mix of colors and balance of different skin tones will work for you. How to identify your skin tone? To check that, you have to check the veins on your wrist. You have a warm skin tone if you have green-colored veins. You have cool skin if the veins appear violet or blue or neutral skin tone if the veins appear green-blue.

  • Does the color of lace match my skin tone 

There are many different  lace colors that are available for your wigs. The hair lace is very important too when you look at wig color. These colors are generally black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown. If you have pale skin tone, then we recommend you go for transparent laces.

If you have olive skin tone, then try the laces with the light brown color. If you have tan skin tone or medium skin tone, then choose the medium brown color lace.  If your skin tone is chocolaty then choose the dark brown lace in the wig. For ebony or dark skin tone, you should choose the black colored lace. 

  • Complimentary Color selection 

Once you understand the specific skin tone you have, you can understand the color that will suit it and get the right  colored human hair. If you have a cool skin tone, then colors like Platinum blonde, ash blonde, burgundy, or jet black. For Warm skin tones choose honey brown, golden blonde, caramel, or copper red. The advantage of a neutral skin tone is that you can get the colored human hair from both skin tones. 

Always choose a proper wig according to the proper skin tone else it will not achieve a proper look. 

  • Complement with Eye Color 

The color of the eye should be considered when you are considering colored hair wigs. The wigs should compliment the eye color and vice-versa. On the other hand, the wigs should go in contrast with your eye color or enhance the look further adding new effects. 

For blue eyes, complement these eyes with the blond wig or also a brown wig to be of contrast with it. Choose a blonde wig or black wig to complement it with black eyes. For Green eyes, choose a brown wig to match it or a red wig to strike up the contrasting look. 

Different eye colors have different effects on your looks. Choosing the right color will really complement your look, but choosing the wrong color will really create a bad style and gaudy appearance. It’s highly important to choose a color that goes great with the eyes also. 

  • Try different styles 

Try experimenting with different kinds and styles of wigs to see what color looks great on you. Different kinds of wigs look different on people and you should try different wigs accordingly. 

Try experimenting with a human hair lace wig in terms of the wig length, the wig style, or the wig texture and what looks great on you. You can try the more feminine style or the modern style of wigs to be different. You can try the Bob style wig to be modern and look modern or just choose the proper long hair look to have a much more feminine look.  

Also, Try different types of Color wigs. One of those wigs is lace wigs that are of the size of 13 x 4 lace wigs or 4x4 wigs under lace closure wigs or try the full lace wigs. Try these styles according to your preference and your budget. 

  • Try different Colors 

Lastly, try to experiment with different colored human hair wigs that will suit your style and color the best. Always try something different according to your thinking. Maybe, you can try a different color that you have not tried. Try the different color wigs that are not conventional to your wigs and if you are searching for something unique to your personality, try the different and unique colors for every mood or occasion.

You can also choose a human hair lace wig according to different themes. For example, you can try simple and subtle colors for a date or bold and bright colors for going to a party. 

Another great point about these Colored lace wigs is that they can be changed multiple times and your natural hair will not damage at all. 

These are the factors when you consider the color of wigs. Let’s look at the basics of choosing some wigs. 

  • Do the Colored Lace wigs match your face shape? 
  • It does matter when you are considering the lace wig. Does it match your face shape? The colored lace wigs will match your jawline, forehead, cheekbones and the chin. For different face shapes choose the colored lace wigs accordingly: 

    Round faces: These types of faces can work with shorter, spiky pixie kind of wigs that grace the collarbone or with longer hair that can hit the jawline. These hair wigs can really give a balance to the round face and also give some height.  

    Heart faces: These provide the best look when combined with tousled styled or short pixie style with texture, a shoulder length wig with bangs that are side swept, or long bangs with a fringe. These Styles can help soften the chin or forehead and provide attention to eyes or cheekbones. 

    Oval Face: These faces can adjust to different styles of wigs but can accentuate, especially with the use of wigs that are shaggy bobs, layered waves or curls, sleek kind of straight hair.  

    Square Face: This kind of facial structure works well with the wavy wigs or curly wigs. These wig styles can help give any movement or volume to the face. The long wigs bangs that are side parted can help to cover the frame of the face and the forehead. These types of wigs can help to provide some curves on the face. 

    Basics of choosing a wig

    Quality - The quality of wigs is decided by the quality, processing and grades of hair. The most authentic human hair wigs are processed from the most authentic sources. 

    Comfort - This is determined by the breathability, weight, and fit of the wig. The lighter the wig the better it will feel on your head. The wig should also not trap moisture in humid or hot environments.

    Durability - This is determined by quality, construction, and material quality. Choose a big one that has very strong lace and is well-made. A great authentically produced wig made from human hair can be highly durable. Also if you provide proper care to the hair lace wig, your wigs will last for a long time. Just care for them, and they will be there for a long time. 


    It is really great to choose the color of the wig according to your taste and what you want. Just remember to take care of your skin tone, eye color, wig color, and wig style along with what you like.

    Choose the hair lace wig according to your preference and show your new style to the world. Gemeria provides the most authentic human hair in their wigs. These hairs are processed from the most authentic sources, such as the temples in the south of India.

    These human hair are then processed and further styled by the highly skilled craftsmen to give the most stylish and real hair look. If you want to buy quality lace wigs, visit  Gemeria now!