The Ultimate Guide to Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes | Gemeria Hairs

The Ultimate Guide to Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes | Gemeria Hairs

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A person's hair is one of the most significant things and can reveal a lot about their personality. However, the majority of people focus more on their face and body than their hair. As long as their appearance is not negatively impacted, they believe that any hairstyle for different face shapes is acceptable.

They might be right that the majority of hairstyles might suit them. But they are unaware of the fact that they are losing by failing to choose the right hairstyle to accentuate their beauty and personality.

There is a relationship between face shapes and hairstyles. For the best results, your hairstyle selection should take into consideration your face shape. Finding out what shape your face is should be your first step before even considering what hairstyle you want.

Having perfect hair is a key component of your overall appearance. The right haircut, when styled correctly, can either improve it or completely sabotage the first great impression of you.

How can I choose a haircut that looks good on me and is simple to style in a variety of stylish ways? You'll quickly understand what haircut to get and how to select a hairstyle that compliments your face shape. There are many hairstyles for different face shapes but you need to check which will suit you the most. 

Determining Your Face Shape

Steps to determine your face shape

You can quickly determine your face shape. Make sure your face is clear by removing your hair from your face before you begin.

  • Start by locating your face's widest area: What area of your face is the widest? Determine this by looking in the mirror. Your face is oval-shaped if you have a broad forehead; round or heart-shaped if your cheekbones are at their widest point; and square-shaped if the width of your face appears to be evenly distributed.
  • Identify your jaw's shape: Your face's shape can also be determined by the way your jawline is shaped; if it's short or rounded, your face is round. Your face is shaped like a heart if your jawline is sharp and narrow. A further indication that your face is square is if you have a prominent jawline with sharp angles.
  • Evaluate the width and length of your face: If you're still unsure of your facial shape, compare the length and width of your face. The distance between the middle of your hairline and the tip of your chin. Next, take a measurement from the right side of your face to the left. Your face may be oval-shaped if it is longer than it is wide. 

Descriptions and characteristics of each face shape (round, oval, square, heart, diamond, oblong, triangle)

different face shapes
  • Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

Description of oval face shape

Due to its proportions and balance, an oval face can easily carry off almost any haircut, hairstyle, and cosmetics look, making it the ideal face shape for many years. 

The fact that the jaw line is frequently a little narrower than the temple line is one of the hallmarks of an oval face shape. The cheekbones on oval-shaped features also tend to be particularly prominent. 

Best hairstyles for oval face shape (pixie cuts, long layers, etc.)

  • Any shape and style, including short, long, layered, and bobbed, can be worn.
  • With an oval face shape, the only thing to think about is the features you want to draw attention to. Here, you can experiment with different bang styles and daily hairstyles.

Celebrity examples

The well-known personalities with oval faces include Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth 

  • Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Description of round face shape

The sides of your face curve slightly outward rather than being straight hair on a round face, which is similar to a square face but with softer angles. Your cheekbones are the largest feature of your face, and your chin is rounded. 

The cheeks are the widest part of the round face, which is equal in length to width. The jaw often has a rounded shape and is around the same breadth as the forehead. 

Best hairstyles for round face shape (angled bobs, layered haircuts, etc.)

  • Your rounded face will appear more oval if you have long hair. Additionally, you can choose layers and waves that extend below the chin. 
  • The greatest way to make your features look more oval when you have curly hair and a round face is to add layers and keep your hair long.
  • For round faces, asymmetrical haircuts are ideal. Cut the hair a little below the ear on one side, but leave it long enough to reach your shoulder on the other. 

Celebrity examples

Chrissy Teigen, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Michelle Williams are examples of celebrities who have a round face

  • Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

Description of square face shape

With a forehead and jawline of comparable width, the proportions of length and width are equivalent. Straight cheekbones and a big, powerful chin are distinguishing features of this anatomy. Your forehead, cheeks, and jaw will all be the same width if you have a square facial shape, but your jaw will be angular.

Hairstyle for different face shapes, and makeup must be chosen for a square face shape in order to soften the sharp angles that are its defining feature.

Best hairstyles for square face shape (soft curls, side-swept bangs, etc.)

  • Your jawline will be softer if your hair is wispy and falls forward onto your face.
  • To reduce square shapes, wear bangs swept to one side. This will produce diagonal movement.
  • You'll look well with short or medium-length hair, especially if the style is rounder or has wispy ends.

Celebrity examples

Celebrities with square face shapes include Katie Holmes, Kelly Osborne and Tom Cruise 

  • Hairstyles for Heart Face Shapes

Description of heart face shape

People with a heart-shaped face do not all have equally sized faces. Instead, the area above the nose is more prominent. The face dips inward as it goes toward the chin. Thus, the chin itself may be pointed and small.

Best hairstyles for heart face shape (chin-length bobs, textured waves, etc.)

  • The greatest options are any textured chin-length hairstyles.
  • If bangs are desired, make sure they are side-swept rather than straight across because blunt cut bangs will simply shorten and widen your facial shape.
  • Wispy layers that kick out from shoulder-length cuts will also look great.
  • Only hairstyles that are shoulder length or longer will work with height on top.

Celebrity examples

Famous celebrities with heart face shapes are Deepika Padukone, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling

  • Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shapes

Description of diamond face shape

The robust bone structure of a face gives it a diamond-shaped profile. The cheekbones, which frequently protrude and give the face its diamond-like aspect, are where this face shape is the widest. A Less noticeable forehead and a small, pointed chin will form as the forehead gradually narrows in width.

A diamond facial shape needs hairstyles, makeup, and haircuts that will highlight the narrow and full features that work together to give it its distinctive shape.

Best hairstyles for diamond face shape (long bobs, side parts, etc.)

  • Hairstyles like chin-length bob cuts or shoulder-length wispy kicked out styles that increase width at the chin area.
  • Hairstyles that tuck in at the back of the ears are very effective in showcasing a beautiful cheekbone shape.
  • Long faces can also be made shorter by wearing hairstyles with straight across bangs and side parts.

Celebrity examples

Celebs with diamond face shapes are Jennifer Lopez , Malaika Arora , Vicky Kaushal and Johnny Depp

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shapes

Description of oblong face shape

Oblong faces are characterised by their length, which is why they are often referred to as "long" faces. They are roughly twice as long as they are wide. The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same on faces with an oblong form. 

To reduce the vertical length in an oblong face shape, breadth should be added. Haircuts, styles, and makeup must be chosen for an oblong face shape in order to minimize and flatter its long length and narrow features. 

Best hairstyles for oblong face shape (short bobs, blunt cuts, etc.)

  • The ideal hairstyles for this are graduated bob cuts and styles with short to medium-length top layers without height.
  • Widening chin and shoulder length poses with a turn under or kick out are also highly effective.
  • The greatest hairstyle is side parts and straight across bangs.
  • Oblong face types have long, straight lines that can be softened with layered styles in medium and long lengths that add body and have wavy and curly textures.

Celebrity examples

The celebrities under oblong face shapes include Sandra Bullock, Katrina Kaif , and Eminem.

  • Hairstyles for Triangle Face Shapes

Description of triangle face shape

Women with this particular facial profile typically have a wide jawline and a narrow forehead. Expand your forehead and narrow your chin when you have a triangular face shape. In general, shorter is preferable to longer. 

Wide, soft, and slightly squishy jaw, similar to people with round faces. Cheekbones are less pronounced or flatter 

Best hairstyles for triangle face shape 

Hairstyles for different face shapes work well on particular face shapes. You should attempt the various hairstyles listed below.

Bangs to the Triangle Face

In the case of triangle faces, consider bangs your closest friend. A fringe may offer weight and width where it's needed, so it's not just a concealment tactic. Just make sure they don't descend below eye level. 

Layered Hair

Your jawline's prominence will be diminished by a layered cut, which will also offer you a more feminine and delicate overall appearance.If you want to go for a shorter cut, consider soft layers that taper around your jawline. 

Styles that Work with a Triangle Face Shape's Jawline

If your jawline is strong and prominent, choose for hairstyles that soften it. One of our faves is a soft, angled bob with razored ends that taper at the chin because it thins out the area where your jaw is broadest and draws attention downward.

Celebrity examples

Celebs with this face shape include Kevin Bacon, Meghan Markle, and Brad Pitt. 


The right hairstyle can highlight your facial features and harmonise with your overall appearance. Your face shape should be taken into account when choosing a haircut or style. The six primary face shapes are oval, round, square, heart, diamond, and long; each has distinctive characteristics and suggested hairstyles. At Gemeria you will find hairstyles for different face shapes very easily. 

Your best features can be brought out and a flattering look that brings out your natural beauty can be achieved by selecting the Hairstyle for different face shapes. There are a variety of hairstyles and lengths to pick from that can help balance out your features and give you a more proportional look, regardless of whether you have an oval, round, square, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped face.

Finding a hairstyle that flatters your distinctive features and gives you a confident, comfortable feeling can be accomplished by determining your face shape and experimenting with various hairstyles and lengths. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to select a hairstyle that makes you feel good and that represents your individual preferences and style.