Ways you can use hair extensions as bridesmaids

TOP 3 Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions As BRIDESMAIDS

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Weddings and hairstyles; the neverending tangle of finding the best hairstyle. This is where Gemeria comes to your rescue! We bring you the perfect hair game for this wedding season with our premium quality human hair extensions! So what’s the wait?

Grab your combs, and bobby pins, and let's get styling!

The first thing that comes to our minds about wedding hairstyles is the symphony of big fancy buns. Yes, buns in particular. You know, classic charms like big hair buns especially the ones with a spongy chignon hiding in there, or maybe the classic tight low-bun. Buns are probably one of the best hairstyles to hold your veil in place without it sliding off. Thanks to all the cushioning for the pins and the comb on the veil.

But our personal favourites are the ones that were the poster child of all hairdos from the mod era! The beehive hairdos and classic bouffant bun.

Let’s talk bouffant!

This souffle-like hairstyle is done with a tease-and-tangle technique and a whole lot of hairspray for it to stay in place.

Bouffants hairstyles

One of the most popular hairstyles from the 50s and 60s; these lavishly teased bouffants were a favourite among many women in the United States after the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, adopted this hairdo in the early 60s.

Soon, hairspray became essential in a woman’s purse and became the nation's number-one beauty aid by 1964. The autocratic European look got an upgrade when the bouffant hairstyle went to new heights with the blend of the beehive hairstyle. Large rollers, gel solutions, and tools went into the cumbersome updo. This soon met its tragic end because of how strenuous the regime was.

Jacqueline kennedy bouffants hairstyles

But today, realtor hairdos are making a big comeback and the wedding industry is adopting these looks one hairstyle at a time. Long retro waves, vintage updos, pin-up curls, and retro-inspired victory roll updos are all making a full comeback.

Enough with the bridal talk! Let’s talk about the bridesmaids.

Yes, maids of honour and bridesmaids, this one’s for you!

Bringing in all the inspirations from all the Pinterest pins, to the casually stylish and the magnificently ornate, this is your ultimate guide on bridesmaid hairstyle ideas for that Instagram-worthy click!

Ladies! Let's face it! We want to slay too for our bride and bestie but not outshine them. So with hairspray in our hands and human hair extensions in our heads, it’s time to give our bride bestie the best we can look.

Here are the Top 5 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids to Slay the Day!

1. For the Long Hair Girlies: Waves for Days

Beach Wedding? Salty sea breeze? Sun in the eyes?

We have just the hairstyle for you!

Long wavy hairstyle

Some of that beach wave magic with a hint of some Hollywood finesse! This is a red carpet-worthy hairstyle and a timeless ode to the classic and glamorous hairstyles from Tinseltown.

So how do we get the look?

For a look that looks like something straight out of a rom-com, you will need the basics in place.

  • You will need the Classic 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions which are straight or wavy for this look. 
  • Start by sectioning your hair.
  • Once you have attached your 7-set clip-in hair extensions, spray some heat protectant spray to minimize heat damage to your hair and your hair extensions. Consider this your hair and extension’s bodyguard.
  • Time for some sectioning. Create a deep side section like Jessica Rabbit, leave the lower back of your hair flowing down, and pin up the remaining hair with a clip.  With the help of a large barrel curling iron, you will now curl up your hair.
  • While you curl your hair, remember not to comb the curls out. Allow them to cool to stay in shape. 
  • Once your hair is all cooled down, you will now give it a mild and gentle brush.
  • Now for added volume and texture, you can gently tease the hair at the root level.
  • For the final touch use some hair spray to give those waves a lasting hold without any kind of stiffness.

2. For the Shoulder Hair Length Girlies: The Classic Bun Game!

Classic bun hairstyles for weeding

Now if you are someone with shoulder hair length and you are out of options for hairstyles for a wedding; a classic bun with a little attitude is all you need. 

Going curly, or going straight or even if you want to cover those greys, we have you all covered! Meet the Gemeria faux bun extensions gang. These are your best friends, especially in times like these. 

For instance, if you are the last one to wake up on the wedding day morning, then simply slap this bun on your little pony and get running!

Follow this video here to learn how to tie up a Gemeria bun like a gem!

How To Style: 

  • To tie up a curly hair bun all you have to do is to tie up your natural hair into a rough little bun. 
  • Next, you will secure this bun with a few Bobby pins and another rubber band if required.
  • You will now attach the curly hair bun on to this little bun on your head. Start by losing up the elastic strand,  and then placing the clip in bun on top of your natural hair bun. 
  • You will now pull the string to lock the clip-in hair bun to secure it in place.
  • To transform this into a curly hair bun,  all you have to do is use a few U-pins and gently tuck them inwards into your hair. And that's all you have to do!

3. For the Shorties: The Bob-cut Match!

Never mistake short hair as a limit to try out different hairstyles. You will be surprised but short hair has endless styling opportunities even though your hair is just tell your neck or less.

Or, let's say, you have long hair and want to give it a new look, but you're scared of the commitment of cutting off all your locks and going completely Bob or even Pixie so what do you do in a situation like this?

This is where a 7-set clip-in hair extension by Gemeria comes to your rescue!

Follow this video here to learn how to attach the 7-set clip-in hair extension!

How To Style:

  • So for short-haired women, all you have to do is section your hair, about 3 inches above the nape of your neck, and tie this up into a tight braid. Turn this braid into a flat bun and then pin it down.
  • Attach one of the wefts from the set write above this region clip it in and make sure it is secure. 
  •  You will continue doing the same till you reach the crown of your head.
  • Continue to follow the video to understand how to place the hair extensions in the right regions of your head.
  • Also note, if you are going in for this hair extension you might want to cut it a bit for that seamless blend. Hey! This is better than cutting off all your hair. Also, you can use them as long bangs too. 
  • This is where you can Unleash all of your creativity and you can either curl them, straighten them, or crimp them.

4. The Curl Gang!

Classic bun hairstyles for weeding

If you want to stand out in a crowd, then having a head full of girls is just what you need! Trust us when we say this, curly hair is something different. Is it because of how they effortlessly defy gravity or is it because of those perfect ringlets? The answer is, it’s everything.

Whether you are going in for a curly updo or a curly ponytail with defined ringlets or swirls, we have two of the best options for you here in store!

Since you already met our clip-in curly hair bun, meet your next best friend – the deep curly half-head wig.

With this curly hair wig, you can just keep it on and turn it into a fluffy little pony and adorn it with pearl studded clips!

We can all admit that updos aren’t just for straight-hair beauties, we curly girlies got this too!

Whether you’re going in for a bun at the nape of your neck, or an elaborate curly hair bun at the crown of your head; the curl gang is comin’ in hot with style!

Here’s a video on how you can style curly human hair wigs for women, extensions or clip-ins in a few minutes!

How To Style:

  • First, part your hair from the middle. 
  • Next braid the remaining hair which is loose into a tight braid and make sure it is flat.
  • Now, fold this braid flat onto your head, and secure it with pins to keep it in place. 
  • Locate the adjustment bands on the wig and adjust it to the size of your head.
  • Once you have determined the pressure of the bands on your head, you will now place the wig on the margin of the sectioned hair, and clip them all in.
  • Now for a little finishing touch, you will curly up your natural hair from the front to match the wig hair type.
  • Shake your head, dance a bit, and see if your wig falls off… it won’t cause it’s a Gemeria wig, we’re here to stay!
  • Now go slay!

5. The Pony Gang!

Ponytail hairstyle

Who doesn't love a high ponytail with volume?

Here’s your ponytail best friend! The ponytail hair extension range by Gemeria Hair

From Ash browns to caramel brown balayage ponytail hair extensions; we got you, girl!

The best part about these ponytail hair extensions is that they are made From 100% natural human hair and you can go ahead and when curl them if you want a curly high ponytail.

Here is a video that you can follow to get this high ponytail look to complete your bridesmaid attire!

  • All you have to do is gather all your natural hair and tie it up into a high ponytail. 
  • Then, turn this ponytail into a tight little bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Once this bun is in place,  you will now attach the Ponytail hair extension to this. 
  • Take one lock of hair and turn it around the region where the Ponytail hair extension makes your natural hair.
  • This is done so that you can cover up the area where the weft is visible. After you have twisted this lock of hair around the bun, use a bobby pin at the end of this lock and push it into the bun to secure your Ponytail hair extension.
  • Now for some added pump and definition divide your pony into two halves and use the top section for volume. 
  • All you have to do is tease this section with a fine tooth comb and let it flow down.
  • Give it a light home to remove any kind of unevenness or frizziness. Splash some of that bold and strong hair spray onto your hair extension.  and now you're good to go!


Alright, so now you know this is how you go and make a statement as a bridesmaid!

With Gemeria, anything is possible and premium hair extensions a no longer a dream but within your reach. Whether you're going in for some Hollywood waves, chic buns,  or a high and accentuated ponytail; rest assured that our hair extensions will give you all the freedom you want to play with length, texture, volume, and definition.

We are talking about beachy waves, sophisticated buns, cute and elegant bobs, to cascading curls and sleek straight hair all within a matter of seconds if not minutes. Oh! don't worry even if you are spotting something short… then our extensions can transform your bob into a chic look that goes with any kind of wedding theme.

Honestly? What is the wait for? Now that you have got the complete rundown of how you can use our hair extensions to get that Instagram-worthy click, stop making your basket feel lonely and the potential diva look waiting!