Why invest in raw Indian hair?

Why invest in raw Indian hair?

One of the most crucial components that contribute to increasing a person's beauty is their hair. India is one of the major hair export marketplaces in the world, with a focus on supplying raw materials for luxury hair extension goods. The human hair industry exists because of its many applications and high consumer demand, and according to studies, India dominates the sector by producing the most volume of human hair when compared to other nations.

A natural human hair extension is raw Indian hair. This indicates that the extension was not processed in any way. The cuticles also don't tangle because they are still intact. With all hair textures, raw Indian hair looks great. Since it is natural human hair, the pattern of the curls won't be consistent. Hence, any hair extension with a consistent pattern of curls might not be made of raw Indian hair.

Indian human hair is of the highest quality, and the country's human hair industry is well-known around the world. The extension is elegant and sophisticated because it has a naturally smooth appearance from not having been processed. Raw Indian hair extensions can last up to a year without adequate maintenance. Raw Indian hair, however, can last up to 24 months with the utmost care and upkeep.

Why invest in raw Indian hair? 

High-quality hair

The best hair you can possibly find on the market is this. It exclusively makes use of raw materials chosen from the best samples.

Also, this product hasn't been chemically altered or coloured. It is therefore practical for a variety of styling possibilities. As a result, if you want to get extensions or wigs produced from Indian hair, you can use hot devices or to burn yourself.

Because of this, they are compatible with hair of any texture, and you can style it however you like. They are adaptable because of this. To get their hair incredibly straight and sleek, flat iron them. Alternatively, apply a leave-in conditioner on them for bouncy waves.

Get hair extensions to try a variety of designs.

You might be shocked to learn that many of the customers have excellent hair, yet they still want to try new things and experience variety.

A terrific approach to transforming your complete appearance is with extensions. Your hairstyle gives you the option to alter how you seem, whether it is short or long. Moreover, extensions are available in a variety of textures, designs, and hues.

You may turn black the next day after being blonde the day before.

Excellent natural Indian hair for style

Many wigs and extensions don't take to styling tools well. It gets really difficult to have a fantastic hairdo because of this. Yet with actual hair, you can achieve the haircut you've always wanted.

They are natural because they come from human donors and don't undergo chemical processing. Because of this, they are compatible with hair of any texture, and you can style it however you like. They are adaptable because of this. To get their hair incredibly straight and sleek, flat iron them. Alternatively, apply a leave-in conditioner on them for bouncy waves.

100% virgin hair

It's crucial to research the business or individual selling the wigs and extensions before purchasing. We frequently hear accounts of people being conned into purchasing imitation Indian hair.

It's vital to note that our extensions are 100 percent real and will give you the most lovely natural hair impression. Without any laminations, you can customise it however you like. Natural hair that has been gently processed or synthetic hair is becoming a nightmare in the extension industry. They don't last very long and are difficult to style. On the other hand, if you don't take good care of it, raw temple Indian hair might endure for up to a year. And it can endure up to two years with appropriate care.

It does require specific maintenance, but this is true of any extension type. You will be taken care of if you simply condition well.

How can you pick out the ideal hair extension for you?

A terrific approach to enhance the beauty, length, and volume of your hair is with hair extensions. Selecting the proper texture, colour, weight, and length while purchasing hair extensions for the first time might be difficult.

Below are ways to choose the right hair extension for you 

Choose the ideal hair texture.

The first consideration when selecting hair extensions is that they should flawlessly match your original hair. This also applies to texture matching.

Many hair textures are compatible with various types of real hair extensions. Thus, before purchasing, feel your hair and give it a comprehensive inspection. Choose a curly extension instead of a straight one unless you wish to explore. If so, you can put on the naturally curly hair extensions and later straighten them with hair straighteners.

Quality of the Raw Indian Hair

What matters is whether you use human or synthetic hair for your hair extensions. Synthetic hair is the least expensive and on the lower end of the range, but keep in mind that heat cannot be applied to this type, making swimming in it a severe no-no.

The more expensive option is obviously human hair, which with proper maintenance lasts far longer and looks the most natural when combined with your own hair.

How much hair do you have?

Although it can seem straightforward, you must first examine your own hair. As a general guideline, you shouldn't select clip-in accessories or extensions that are excessively longer than your own hair.

It stands to reason that you would wish to extend the sentence. When choosing hair extensions, length is important because not every length is suitable for everyone. Always check the extension's length to make sure it matches your natural hair precisely before purchasing one; otherwise, you risk looking unattractive. Use a measuring tape and measure your hair from the top of your ear down to determine which length of hair extension is best for you. You'll get a general notion of the length from it.

Choosing hair extensions that are the proper length gives you a lovely, natural appearance.

Choose the appropriate volume:

Selecting the proper hair extension volume is a really difficult undertaking. Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses. The most widely used grams measurements are 120g, 160g, 180g, and 220g. Hence, the extension will have more hair the larger it is.

Knowing the true length and density of your hair is the best approach to choosing the appropriate volume of hair extensions.

Choose the proper colour.

Another crucial consideration you must make while looking for real hair extensions is the colour. You don't want to give brown hair yellow curls.

Always contrast the colour of the extensions with your own natural hair until you find a match. Yet, it's preferable to do that during the day. The tints will all be visible in the daylight, enabling you to make the best decision. If at all possible, choose dual-blended or tri-blended hues for your extensions if your hair isn't monochromatic.

Which Hair Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?

It is preferable to go with 14–16" hair extensions if you have short hair. The type you select is entirely up to you, though. We carry a wide variety of hair additions at Cliphair, including tape-in extensions, permanent pieces, and real human hair Remy clip-in extensions.

Who Makes the Finest Medium Hair Extensions?

Refrain from going longer than 16 to 18 inches. In truth, your ultimate appearance will catch people's attention for all the wrong reasons if your hair extensions are any longer in length.

Which Long Hair Extensions Work Best?

A wider range of hair accessories is available for hair lengthening. There are extensions available from 20 to 22 inches and even from 24 to 26 inches. There are also clip-in ponytails and other accessories for the genuine wow effect.

Depending on how tall you are, these lengths will offer you luxurious locks that either fall just below your breast or even reach your waist and hips.


100% natural raw Indian hair. So that it will last a long time, it should be treated like your own hair. You must care for this extension as you would your own hair in order to offer it the best possible care. This indicates that you should shampoo and condition it.The addition of hair extensions to your hair is priceless. They give you the appearance of your dreams by increasing their density and appearance. Make sure you pick the appropriate ones first, though, before applying them.

Pay attention to the texture and colour as well. They ought to precisely complement your natural hair. The extensions will look better on you the more they resemble your natural hair. Next, decide on the length you desire and the occasions for which you will wear the extensions.