Lace Closure | Natural Curly | 5x5
Lace Closure | Natural Curly | 5x5
Lace Closure | Natural Curly | 5x5
Lace Closure | Natural Curly | 5x5

Lace Closure | Natural Curly | 5x5

Sale price$130.00
Lace:Regular/ Transparent Lace

Closures are one of the most popular hair extensions as they protect your natural hair while giving a scalp like feeling that can be styled just like your natural hair. Closures are particularly popular with people who would like to have their natural hair camouflaged. Gemera's Natural Curly 5x5 Closures are famous for their undetectable hairline which blends naturally with your own hair. Every strand of the hair is intricately knotted into the lace holes.

The focus here is on the quality of hair that goes into the making of these gorgeous human hair Closures as well as the premium quality of lace that is used to make them. WIth zero shedding and an impeccable finish this is the best Natural Curly 4x4 Closure in town.

Texture: Natural Curly is a steamed texture. This means the hair is still raw, it is just water steamed to get the desired texture.

  • Get hair extensions straight from the manufacturer to your doorstep

  • Same as our weft’s single/one donor hair is used to making it look naturally tapered at the ends, makes it more natural finish!

  • Available sizes: 4x4, 5x5

  • Cuticles intact and alignment in one direction as it is single donor!

  • Some textures are only steamed to diversify the range, but still hair is untouched from all chemicals and coatings (Natural Wavy and Premium Curly are raw textures)

  • Raw Indian hair/temple hair are natural color and typically come between a color 1b and 2, which means they may have hint of brownness

  • Since the hair is Raw and Unprocessed, it can be dyed/colored to the lightest 613!

  • 100 -120% density

  • No pre-plucking / babyhairs

  • No bleached knots

  • Easy to flat iron or curl

 Gemeria's hair is sourced ethically from the holy temples of South India where thousand of women donate their hair. Our contribution goes for the welfare of women and children in these rural areas.