Straight Tape-Ins
Straight Tape-Ins
Straight Tape-Ins

Straight Tape-Ins

Sale price$95.00
Number of Packs:1 Pack (20 Tapes)

Tape-Ins are the best and fastest way to add length and volume to your natural hair. The main reason they are popular among celebrities, fashion icons and people in general is because of how easy they are to install. Strands of hair are simply stuck at places where length and volume is needed, the tape-ins themselves have adhesives - so no extra equipment or product is required.

Get Silky Straight Tape-In Hair Extensions that are rich in quality - long-lasting, silky soft and flawless.

Texture: Straight is a natural texture, completely unprocessed and raw. When you wash the extensions they won't be bone straight as they have a slight wave and we flat iron it before sending it through.

• 100% natural raw/virgin hair from the South Indian Temples
• Tape-In hair extension prices vary and are available as: per strand/per piece/per tip prices
Easy to Install and easy to maintain
• 100% raw and unprocessed hair - so it blends effortlessly with your natural tresses
• Raw Indian hair aka temple hair has the natural color of Indian hair and typically come between a color 1B and 2, which means they may have brown hints
Easy to flat iron or curl just like your natural hair

Care & Maintenance: Taking care of your extensions is crucial - the good news is that you have to take care of them just like your own natural hair. Tape-Ins in general last up to 6 weeks for most people. All Tape-Ins are virtually invisible, you do not have to worry about them being seen.

All of Gemeria hair is sourced from the holy temples of South India, the proceeds of which go for the welfare and development of underprivileged children and women in those areas.