Daily Glam: Easy and Quick Clip-In Hairstyles for Busy Mornings

Monday mornings are rough and you know what else is rough?
Your hair’s mood swings!


Ah, the morning mirror struggle – hair in panic mode and you standing there anticipating the office hustle. See! This is where we come to your rescue…Introducing a solution from our exquisite hair extension collection, a tailor-made remedy for every morning woe. Time to go from mad to marvellous!

Before we go ahead let's understand…

Why Choose Clip-in Hair Extensions for Busy Mornings?

Three reasons why you must choose them:

  • They are easy to put on
  • They are easy to style
  • They are your best friends in stressful situations for Monday mornings like these!

    They are the most convenient option and the most conducive solution for hairstyle lovers. From creating your ideal look in a matter of seconds with human hair extensions and saving time and money and not catching your cab or your bus on time, this trendsetting and viable solution is helping a lot of women get on time to the office with fabulous hair. 

    Now and then, we know we want to go from just randomly tying up our hair into a flimsy droopy little pony or even worse, the sympathy clutch that catches all your hair and your stress with hardly any teeth left in it. And you know deep down there in your heart, and in your hair the best way to amp up your look is to give clip-in hair extensions a shot.

    Things you need to make that hairstyle:


    1. Clip-in extensions: Make sure that they are clip-in extensions, not any other hair extensions. This is because, with clip-in hair extensions, you can try out versatile hairstyles and look. Because these hair extensions have several clips with waves attached to them it makes it easier for you to try your different styles while also giving you a sturdy and fit placement.

    2. Basic styling tools: For getting the ideal hairstyle you will need brushes, clips, tail combs, and a hell of a lotta patience if you are a first-timer.  now we are kidding,  these types of hair extensions take only a matter of minutes to put on and enjoy

    3. Optional accessories for added flair: These are your clips, hair accessories or hair bands to add more style or even for some added styling.

    Easy Clip-in Hairstyles

    1. Beach Waves


    This is by far the easiest way to style your clip-in hair extensions. So at Gemeria, we have sizes that go from 16” to 24” and weighing 120 to 160 grams. You have two colour options for this;  Jet black and Dark Black. 

    The Seamless Straight  7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions can be styled into beach waves effortlessly.

    How to style: 

    • Start by parting your hair horizontally and then once you are done section of the upper portion. 
    • Now take each set from the clip-in hair extensions and attach on to the lower section of the hair starting from the bottom and then working your way up perfectly.
    • Now you try to blend in your hair extensions with your natural hair by gently combing through them for a seamless and complete look.
    • This is where the magic begins.  use a curling iron or even a straightener to create that soft beachy wavey look. And voila! You are done!


    2. The Classic Ponytail


    You know you're running late when you go and for a simple ponytail and not anything too complicated. But with our hair extensions that simple ponytail can go from bleak to sleek in seconds.

    Step-by-step guide for a ponytail hairstyle

    • With the same type of clip-in hair extension set and a similar application, tie your hair into a ponytail along with the hair extensions.
    • Now take a little portion from the pony and wrap it around the band.
    • Use a bobby pin to secure the band. And there you go, one type of hair extensions and so many styles.

    Additionally if you have no time to do this, then you can try our ponytail hair extensions

    3. High buns


    When it comes to high burns,  this look exudes confidence and power. What other better way to style this with our hair extensions? 

    Styling tips

    • Separate your hair into the smallest sections and then apply the clip-in hair extensions.
    • Now see where you want to position the bun and make sure that all the sets of the clip-in hair extensions are clipped in correctly so that the wefts or the lace or even the clips are not visible under your hair.
    • Now brush your hair back along with the hair extensions gently into a high ponytail where you want the bun to be.
    •  twist and rap be entire ponytail into a big messy bun or a combed-out bun and secure it with bobby pins.

    4. Low Buns


    Consider this to be the cute little sister of a high bun

    Styling tips

    • Again, with the same application method create a section at the bottom of your head. This time you can go in for either a two-set clip-in hair extension or even the 7 set for a fuller and voluminous look.
    • Now you can either choose a Centre partition starting from the tip of your nose to the top of your head or you could just go and for a fully combed back hairstyle.
    • Pull your hair back now into a low ponytail position and tie it up.
    • Just like how you put a low bun with your natural hair do the same with the extensions in them.
    • Now for achieving the best look you can pull your hair in the bun a little bit to make it look a little fluffy or bigger and finally once you are satisfied with the low bone security with pins.

    5. French Twist


    The classic look of a professional in almost every Hollywood movie is the French twist. Be it an office function, a cocktail party or even a business deal brunch, here is a hairstyle that is elegant, perfect, and a real classic.

    Styling tips

    • Use 2 to 3 Gemeria clip-in hair extension wefts.
    • Add some volumizing powder to your roots and the hair extensions and comb them down. 
    • Now gather all your hair back and bunch it up into a low ponytail in your hand.
    • Pull a little bit of your hair at the crown and add some volume.
    • You can also pull out some of the hair to the front of your face for a wispy look.
    • Hold your Ponytail in your right hand and then take your index and middle finger from your left hand and gently but tightly wrap the base of your ponytail up and over your fingers onto the right.
    • Now hook and tightly twist your fingers to the left into one full turn with the twist.
    • Nago counterclockwise and bring that bun to the top of your head using your right hand and keeping the other hand at the ends of the bottom to secure the bun.
    • Not twist again tightly and place this against your head and now with your right hand gently pull up the base of your twist towards the top to create that classic French twist look.
    •  As you pull, gently tuck your hair into the twist to tuck everything in nicely and tightly.
    • Also, tuck in everything at the top to get that elevated look.
    • Now Hold your twist tightly against your head with your one hand to secure the bun. Use bobby pins to keep them in place.
    • Here's a trick to get that curved French twist bun look. Gently bend the pin into a small curve.
    • Turn the bobby pin to the right push it into the twist and make sure it is secure into the bun continue doing this to the top. And there you have it your elegant French twist bun is ready for you. 

    6. The Hailey Bieber Bun


    Looking for an awesome Hailey moment? We got you!

    Styling tips

    • Tie your hair up along with the clip-in hair extensions to the middle section of your head.
    •  now grab all the hair on your pony and tie a little not at the bottommost part of your hair.
    • This is where you will twist your entire ponytail not too tightly but firmly and slowly roll them up to the point where you have tied your pony. At this point, your hairstyle may look like a cinnamon roll, but keep going it just gets better.
    • Continue rolling your twisted ponytail into a bun until you reach the tip that you tied.
    • Secure this bun with bobby pins while you let that tiny bit of hair that you tied at the tip clear out at the bottom of your bun.

    7. The 90's Butterfly Twist

    Trust us when we are saying this then 90s fashion  Trends are making a solid comeback, especially with his '90s butterfly twist! The simple but whispy-looking hairstyle can be done in just 3 simple steps with our clip-in hair extensions.

    Styling tips

    • First section your hair at the crown and fit in your clip in hair extensions. Once that is done take the centre partition and comb your hair along with the hair extensions to blend it in seamlessly!
    • Now take a tiny portion of your hair above the arch of your eyebrows and with the help of a metal tail comb twist your hair onto the tail of the comb and pin it at the back of your head with a butterfly clip.
    • Do the same on the other side of your head too and there you go.

    Isn't this the cutest way and the simplest way to style your clip-in hair extensions?

    Final Thought

    With the help of our fine range of human hair extensions, you can just about achieve any kind of hairstyle on any occasion also with all natural look. 

    But here's the catch!

    If you don't pick out one of our clip-in hair extensions you're missing out on all of these styles.  so hurry up if your cart is feeling lonely apply our coupon code and avail discounts and be a part of the Gemeria hair revolution.

    Now go and ace that meeting, beat that target, and shine on!