How to Style Your Human Hair Extensions to a Natural Look: Trendy Tips!

How to Style Your Human Hair Extensions to a Natural Look: Trendy Tips!

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You are probably holding your newfound Natural hair extensions in your hand right now while reading this article and wondering “How do I style my clip-in hair extensions and make them look natural”…

Don’t worry we got you!

Hair extensions provide a range of styles, lengths, and textures, making room for you to experiment with your overall appearance. In this guide, we will discuss how you can achieve a natural look by choosing extensions, choosing colours, and blending them with natural hair.

Grab your tail combs and let's get going!

What are Human Hair Extensions?


In plain and simple words these are strands of hair collected from a human donor and then attached with pressure-sensitive clips that ultimately add more length, more volume, and sometimes more colour to your natural hair. 

Human or natural hair extensions come in various types such as clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, fusions, halos, and microbead extensions. The extensions enhance your overall look artificially but still give you a natural touch.

Top 7 Trendy Tips for Styling Your Human Hair Extensions to Look Natural

When it comes to Styling your human hair extensions to make it look completely natural we have the top 7 trendy tips for you!

1. Make sure you choose the right hair extensions

Choosing the right hair extension for the right hair type is the first and most important step. Understand the texture of your natural hair whether you have a crown full of curls or if you have sleek straight hair. Then see if you want a topper or a hair extension. In most cases, people go for hair extensions to add more volume to their hair as well as length to their hair. Each kind of hair extension has its unique application as well as style so be sure to pick out one that blends in seamlessly with your natural hair.

2. Pick the right colour you like

Always remember to keep in mind that your hair extension must match the colour and shade of your natural hair. The best way to do this is by Consulting a professional and also taking your extensions out in daylight to see how they blend in with your natural hair colour. 

3. Choose a style that fits your face shape

The shape of your face along with its dimensions also plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting the right natural hair extensions. Different hairstyles complement different face shapes for example straight hair is perfect for those who have an oval face or a heart-shaped face. Always consult with your stylist as to which hairstyle suits your face better. 

4. Curl up your extensions

When it comes to making your hair extensions look natural, one trick is to lightly curl up your extensions to give them a natural look as well as movement. Almost all natural hair has a light curl or a slight wave. So when it comes to your natural hair extensions it's always advisable to curl them especially when you buy hair extensions online.

5. Don’t forget your hair

When you focus on getting natural hair extensions,  remember your natural hair also has limitations and conditions too. We stress this point the most because if you are someone who suffers from hair thinning then keratin or bonded or even fusion hair extensions are not an advisable option. This is because they can cause a lot of stress on your scalp as well as your hair due to the heating of adhesives and their application to help the hair extensions sit in place. An ideal option for those who have sensitive scalps as well as severe hair thinning, your best friend in this scenario is clip-in hair extensions.

6. Maintenance for longevity

One solid maintenance tip that we would give you is to have regular visits with your hairstylists. Only try to fix your hair extensions on your own if they are Halo hair extensions or clip-hair extensions. This is because that is a certain technique involved in placing and applying your hair extension which only experts or professionals know. Going all DIY on a complicated hair extension application is not advisable.

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7. Blending techniques

To achieve that natural and seamless transition between your hair and natural hair extensions blending is a very crucial step. Consult with your professional stylist and understand how you can incorporate blending techniques such as cutting layering texting or even colouring your hair to match the shade of your natural hair. These simple but small techniques help in creating a seamless flow and prevent the extension from looking as if it is a separate entity or you have them on. With just these simple techniques and tricks you can achieve that all-natural look and no one will ever know.

What is the best type of hair extension for a natural appearance?

When it comes to achieving that natural and flawless experience with hair extensions,  there is no one-size-fits-all option. Be it clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, or other natural hair extensions,  each hair extension is crafted in such a way that it delivers an authentic appearance and a naturally fluid movement.

But if you ask us, here are 6 options if you are someone who is looking to buy hair extensions online: 

1. Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are a type of hair extension where the hair is attached to tiny pressure-sensitive metal clips which are then clipped into your hair. If you are going in for something that is budget-friendly, and easy to apply or if you are looking for something that can quickly transform your look, then these 100% real human hair clip-in extensions are your best friend.

2. Tape-in hair extensions


As the name suggests tape and hair extensions are small sections of hair that are taped together and made into extensions which are about an inch wide. These extensions are secured onto the hair with the help of medical-grade adhesives. When it comes to tape-in hair extensions you can leave them in for about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the kind of hair texture you have.

3. Sew-in hair extensions


Don't worry this type of hair extension is not sutured into your scalp. A tiny strip of your hair is braided down into a cornrow horizontally. Then, the hair extensions are then taken and hand-sewed into the braids, giving the most natural and completely concealed appearance. This gives you instant length and thickness and should only be administered by a professional stylist.

4. Fusion hair extensions


When someone says fusion hair extension they generally mean hot fusion hair extensions. As the name suggests they use heat to fuse hair extensions to your natural hair. Unlike other hair extensions, these extensions involve bonding individual stands of hair to small sections of natural hair using a grain of Keratin or a grain of medical-grade adhesive. 

5. Halo hair extensions


Are you looking for some instant divine magic for your crowning glory?  Halo hair extensions are just the choice. This is also probably the most recent and newest method of adding more length and volume to your hair. The best part about this kind of hair extension is that you do not need any time to put this on nor do you need glue or tape or any sort of beads or even pressure-sensitive clips for these hair extensions. It works on the same concept as a halo just place this on your head and exactly sites in place with the help of one single transparent loop of wire of thick hair.

6. Microbead Hair Extensions


These are tiny stands of hair that are bunched together into a bid or a tiny little link. As the name suggests again microwave head extensions are made up of unique beans which are small but just the right size to hold the natural hair as well as the tip of the hair extension. The reason why they use beads in this type of hair extension is because you can completely avoid the use of accessive heat adhesives or even tapes.

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Where to Get Natural-Looking Hair Extensions?

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When it comes to chewing a natural look using human hair extension it requires a lot of consideration about various factors. Right from choosing the right kind of hair extension to its colour as well as its styling techniques and then finally its maintenance there is a lot of research that you have to do from your side too. 

By reading this blog and understanding how hair extensions work as well as its various application methods and techniques you are now better informed in making your choices when it comes to getting extensions. Whether you are opting for clip-ins, tape pins or sew-ins;  the mool mantra is to blend in seamlessly and naturally. 

So head over to Gemeria right now, choose your favourite natural hair extension and get ready to look at a new you in the mirror.