Everything you need to know about: Raw Single Donor Hair Extensions

Everything you need to know about: Raw Single Donor Hair Extensions

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Hot topics of discussion are my favourite ones and today we shall take a deep dive into a question that is often raised to us.

Choosing the right hair extensions can be a challenging job, especially because of all the options that are presented to you on the web. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of hair extensions available to us: one is synthetic hair that can be found for really cheap prices and the other is human hair extensions. Today we will completely focus on the premium human hair extensions and understand their glorious journey till they land upon your crown.

Nowhere and I stress - NOWHERE in the world is hair donated in such a human amount as it is in the South Indian temples. 9 million devotees donate their most precious beauty asset, their hair, to the gods in hope for redemption and moksha. South Indian women are known to have long and luxurious hair. They prefer to wear their hair long as opposed to cutting their hair, they only cut their hair when it is for the Gods themselves.

This hair is cut strategically in order to make sure that the cuticles are intact and aligned. The hair is then auctioned off in tenders to the highest bidder and the proceeds go for the welfare of women and children in these rural areas.

The hair comes in bundles. Each bundle contains the hair of a single donor. In this way we not only ensure that the hair's root to tip alignment is intact, we also ensure that the hair is what we call 'single-donor hair'

Now you might ask why single donor hair is so famous or what is all the fuss about. The thing about single donor hair is that it looks absolutely natural whether it is in the form of extensions or in the form of wigs. The hair is coming from a single source, so the natural matching of pigments that form the hair's colour and the way in which the hair responds to texturization is something that is impossible to replicate through external means.

Single donor hair has hair's natural shape, it tapers towards the end just like your natural hair does. Because of these factors it looks natural and it is impossible to detect whether or not you are using extensions at all.

Single donor hair is of superior quality, taken from healthy-haired donors and maintained to ensure that their effect is not lost as they go through the cleaning process. The donors that are chosen are known to have used zero amount of chemicals / dyes on their hair. This is the purest form of hair.

What's icing on the cake is that Indian hair matches completely with European aka western hair. This means that the hair extensions made using these donations can be worn by women all over the world. These are completely healthy, with optimum elasticity and can be bleached to the lightest 613 blond effortlessly.

It is easier to work with such premium quality hair as opposed to chemically treated hair or mixed donor hair.

We currently provide all of our products in this category, we call them Raw Temple Hair in honour of the fact that they are sourced from these holy temples. Women have been using this hair for the longest time and the feedback we received states that the hair is not only of the best quality, it finds a happy home with these women and stays with them for years.

Longevity is subject to how you take care of your hair extensions, much like how you take care of your natural hair. If you are looking for a polished chic look that exudes class and elegance, these are the perfect hair extensions for you.

I hope this articles helps you know more about Single Donor Hair Extensions. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment down below so that we can get in touch with you.

That's all for today folks, will see you soon, in another article.