single drawn hair extensions vs double drawn hair extensions

Gemeria Single Drawn vs. Double Drawn Hair Extensions

The hair extension universe continues to be divided and subdivided into several different arenas that come to you on a platter. Here we bring to you a guide, a shining light that will help you navigate through these options in order to bring to you the best choices in the spotlight.

Let's look at today's divisions: single drawn hair extensions vs. double drawn hair extensions.

Some definitions that will help you understand these two concepts better:

Gemeria Temple Hair:

Temple Hair is a single donor hair bundle that is used to make extensions. Because these are made from hair from a single donor, they have hair of multiple lengths in the bundle as hair does not grow of the same length on our scalp.

Gemeria Remy Hair:

Remy Hair extension is a multiple donor hair bundle that is used to make extensions. These are hair from multiple donors so they can be set into being on the natural side (multiple lengths) or on the voluminous ( hair of the same length).

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    Beginning at the very beginning, the hair that is sourced is cutically intact in both cases. It's the most important distinction between single drawn and double drawn hair. Single Drawn Hair is 100% single donor hair while Double Drawn hair is multiple donor hair.

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    Because Single Drawn Hair is hair from a single donor, its volume is natural, as is with naturally grown hair. Single Donor hair of a particular length will be actually a mix of lengths because naturally, hair does not grow at the same length throughout our scalp.

    When it comes to double drawn hair, it is hair sourced from multiple donors and thus is hair that can be conveniently collected with the same length. Every single hair in a double drawn bundle will have the same length. Because of this, double drawn hair is known to be of an exquisite volume, something that does not happen with Single Drawn Hair.

    Another important distinction between single drawn and double drawn hair

    The source. Single Drawn Hair provided by Gemeria will come straight from a single donor called Temple hair which is completely unprocessed, with impeccable quality and natural hair volume.

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    Double Drawn Hair in our Temple Hair category is rare and very expensive because it is, as we say, from a single donor only. This is the most premium hair extension that you can acquire.

    On the other hand, Remy Hair is available both as single drawn as well as double drawn hair. The beauty of Remy Hair Extensions is that they are versatile and will give you a natural look while maintaining the core of Single Drawn Hair (multiple lengths in a single bundle) and Double Drawn Hair (all hair of the same length).

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    Here the important question is, which one to choose?

    If you're looking for classic hair extensions you might want to look into Single Drawn Hair extensions as they are from a single donor and give you the most natural looking experience. Single Drawn hair comes from our Temple Hair quality, it is completely unprocessed and will have a premium and elite look.

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    Single Drawn Hair in our Remy Category will also give you a perfect look, albeit a little on the mellow side. These are comparatively inexpensive which can also be considered as a plus.

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    Double drawn hair is from the Remy Category only, if you're looking for a fabulous or glamorous look with tons of volume then this one is going to be the one for you.

    Another benefit of double drawn hair is that you can get a haircut after installing the extensions and get ahead on your style while maintaining the volume you desire.

    Ultimately what matters the most is what look you're going for and how much you're willing to spend on that particular look. These options give you freedom to choose and thus are of extremely great importance in the hair extensions universe.