Full Lace Wigs : Everything you need to know

Full Lace Wigs : Everything you need to know

Wigs are a common object of a woman's beauty routine across the globe. There are plenty of kinds of wigs available for different purposes as well as different looks, today our major concern is going to be full lace wigs.

Full Lace Wigs are one of the most premium hair wigs available. Full Lace Wigs, as the name suggests is a wig that's of the shape of your head, the base material that is used is lace of the highest quality.

The Lace fabric ensures that the user is able to merge that fabric to give a scalp-like feel easily. Since the fabric is light in colour, frequent users of lace wigs are known to use make-up / bronzer to match the colour at the front, all of us have scalps that are lighter in hue as compared to the colour on our forehead.

The Full Lace Wig is designed in such a way that strands of hair is hand knotted with precision throughout the lace - in the shape of our scalp. Thus, hair is distributed strategically length-wise, to ensure that the wig looks absolutely natural when it is worn. This is important because our hair tends to be of mixed lengths when it grows on our scalp and if it were the same length all of a sudden, it wouldn't give you that natural effect that you were aiming for.

There are other ways in which people are known to customise it by themselves, for example, some people bleach the roots at the front of the wig to make it blend better. Some people pluck their hair at the front to make sure that their hairline matches the hairline of the wig. People also cut bits of hair at the front to make them look like their babyhair.

With the basics in check lets look at the different kinds of full lace wigs that are available. There are two major categories : raw unprocessed single donor hair full lace wigs, remy single drawn hair full lace wigs.

Raw Unprocessed Single Donor Hair Full Lace Wig

Raw unprocessed hair is hair that comes straight from one particular donor and the hair is used to make the wig. The wigs that we make are 100% ethically sourced Raw Indian Hair. We use the single donor hair to recreate the entire wig.

The benefit of using single donor hair is - firstly, it looks absolutely natural because of the fact that it is literally all the hair another human being had on their head. The hair is coming from a single source, so the natural matching of pigments that form the hair's colour and the way in which the hair responds to texturization is something that is impossible to replicate through external means.9 million devotees donate their most precious beauty asset, their hair, to the gods in hope for redemption and moksha. South Indian women are known to have long and luxurious hair. They prefer to wear their hair long as opposed to cutting their hair, they only cut their hair when it is for the Gods themselves.  

Single donor hair has hair's natural shape, it tapers towards the end just like your natural hair does. Because of these factors it looks natural and it is impossible to detect whether or not you are using extensions at all.

Single donor hair is of superior quality, taken from healthy haired donors and maintained to ensure that their effect is not lost as they go through the cleaning process.

Raw hair single donor full lace wigs come at a density of 170% to 200% which ensures ample amount of volume. Secondly, raw hair can be recoloured to any shade on the cared, even the lightest 613! All in all it is win win with this product and what's cherry on the cake is that it lasts a good couple years on careful usage.

Remy Virgin Hair Full Lace Wigs

Remy Virgin Hair Wigs are comparatively cheaper, the hair is sourced from multiple donors. It still has varying lengths for it to look natural but it cannot be dyed to 613 blonde.

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